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About AHEC
The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) is the leading international trade association for the US hardwood industry, representing the committed US hardwood exporters and most of the major US hardwood product trade associations in the United States.

AHEC Southeast Asia & Greater China

AHEC Southeast Asia & Greater China Office (AHEC-SEA&GRCH) was set up in early 1992 as a regional office for Southeast Asia and Greater China. The primary role is to sponsor market development activities; to strengthen US hardwood products that have already penetrated in the market; and to provide the hardwood trade with promotional assistance, technical information and sources of supply for US hardwood.

About this site
This site serves to provide you instant updates on US hardwood product information. Whether you are in the field of interior design & architecture, fittings & contracting, property development, timber trading, furniture manufacturing, or the general public, we will provide you with the information useful to your industry.