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The design process for dRMM actually started back in 2013 when they collaborated with AHEC, to create Endless Stair for the 2013 London Design Festival. It was a showcase for structural use of engineered American hardwood and the architects’ first experience of tulipwood CLT.

The practice now viewed its tulipwood creations as foundations for using full-sized structural CLT panels in a permanent building. Maggie’s Oldham seemed the ideal fit.

“From the Oldham project inception we knew it was the right material for Maggie’s, not only structurally and visually, but conceptually…an elevated, open plan, all-timber and glass building was always going to be special.” – Alex de Rijke, dRMM 

Maggie’s were also enthused by the idea of building in timber, although initially they didn’t seem to fully appreciate the benefits above and beyond standard CLT.

dRMM chose tulipwood for the design for the positive influence wood has on people and for the beauty, strength and warmth inherent to American tulipwood. Wood is known to significantly reduce blood pressure, heart rates and recovery times; it has more health and well-being benefits than any other building material, according to Wood Housing Humanity Report 2015.

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