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Furniture | Material | Color

For furniture, the material is at the soul of its existence
The natural wood, the modern metal and the cozy fabric……
For furniture, color is the external aesthetic that attracts and appeals
The bright yellow, the calm blue and the fresh green…
The power and interaction of material and color
Bestow gracious design space and artistic beauty through furniture

Below dazzling designs will bring you the unique experience of American red oak, let’s explore the versatile charms of sustainable American hardwood!

Cham Shelf
Nguyễn Hòa
TTF Team Concept

Indigo stain with red Vietnamese lacquer detail, the Cham shelf fuses western and eastern cultures through a combination of colour and pattern.

Pet and Me}
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai
Van Lang University

Inspired by the posture and body shape of her dog, Mai experimented with staining her design with pigmented Rubio Oil. The porosity of American red oak makes it ideal for accepting stains and the result is a deep cobalt base to her chair. The prominent grain of the red oak particularly appealed to Mai and has been highlighted in the gently curved back of her design.

Nguyen Thanh Nam
Industrial design – Tôn Đức Thắng University

‘The hundred knot bamboo”, a Vietnamese fairytale in which the hero commands 100 stems of bamboo to first ‘Stick together, stick together’ and then ‘unstick unstick’ in his quest to win his bride, was the initial catalyst for this intricate design by Nguyen Thanh Nam. The stability of red oak made it the perfect timber for the complexity of this piece, Nam also chose to stain with a dark hued oil for a more dramatic effect.

GÓI Cabinet
Nguyễn Thế Hùng
Faculty of Interior Design, Van Lang University

Inspired by the Vietnamese tradition of wrapping Chung and Giay cakes in leaves, this cabinet melds shapes and textures and demonstrates the versatility of American red oak. The dimensional stability of the timber makes it equally suitable for the larger shapes in addition to the detail where the natural meets the stained timber. Being almost completely red oak, this is a heavy piece designed to endure for generations.