• Sabine Marcelis_002

Candy Cubicle by Sabine Marcelis (Netherlands)

American maple

Sabine Marcelis’ Candy Cubicle transforms from ‘working mode’ into ‘hiding mode’ with an element of surprise on the inside – inspired by the suitcase scene in Pulp Fiction. The outer surfaces use veneered American maple with a white oil finish.

The interior has compartments for books and a computer, constructed from the same maple veneer – but coated in a yellow high-gloss translucent lacquer – hand polished to a fine finish. This offers a bright pop of colour when the cubicle is open, with the fine maple grain visible through the lacquer. The unit is on matching yellow casters, allowing the piece to be easily closed when the working day is over. Sabine’s seat, a circular stool, is made from stacked and turned solid maple, with matching casters.

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