• Sebastian Herkner_Stammtisch_Credit David Cleveland_001

Stammtisch by Sebastian Herkner (Germany)

American red oak and maple

With an organic and modular form, Sebastian wanted to create a landscape where the various elements of his day meet. The name Stammtisch translates as the ‘regulars table’ – a space for friends and family to gather every week. Using a thoughtfully selected choice of materials, the table is made from red oak, bleached, with a white matt natural oil finish. The large tray is made from American maple, ammonia fumed with a clear matt natural oil finish. His stools and small tray are made from scorched red oak.

The timber for the tabletop and other components is spindle-moulded to achieve the characteristic shape that is key to Sebastian’s design. Components were carefully jointed and glued up, with the design playing with contrasting grain directions from the tabletop and the movable trays, which can run along the length of the top within skived tracks.

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