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Red Bean Trendy on Nguyen Quang Bich Street, like the other 5 Hanoi restaurants owned by forward thinking hospitality group EHG, skillfully provides its patrons with traditional Vietnamese flavours with a thoroughly modern twist. The same can be said for the thoughtfully designed interiors which ensure that a visit to the restaurant is a completely immersive sensorial experience. 

The secret to the cohesion of environment and food is the clarity of vision of EHG Chairman Mr. Do Van Dan.  Mr. Do sought to achieve a New York loft vibe, a cool contemporary feel set against a traditional backdrop of the rooftops of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. It’s a vision that he’s managed to achieve with considerable success. 

The space includes concrete effect walls offset by a matt black floor finish. Pale grey marble table tops and cage pendant lights add to the industrial aesthetic. However, the masterstroke has been to include an American red oak timber ceiling which softens the harder elements of the design and adds warmth. “Given Red Bean Trendy reflects a New York loft feel we felt it would be good to incorporate some material elements connected to the US and help to bring the theme to life. We chose American red oak as the colour and finish complements the overall design well” says Mr. Do Van Dan.

American red oak is more than a clever design choice. Its strength and versatility makes it an excellent option for interior paneling and ceilings. Unlike American white oak, red oak is a porous material which means it accepts stains and finishes particularly well. As the most abundant species in the American forest it also is an excellent value timber and so it is no surprise that exports to Vietnam, driven by its vibrant design and manufacturing industries, increased by 21% in volume in the last year alone. 

John Chan, Regional Director for The American Hardwood Export Council for Southeast Asia says “I visited Red Bean Trendy in June when in Hanoi for our regional convention. Apart from enjoying a range of delicious dishes we were delighted to see how American red oak had been integrated into the design. Architects and designers across the region are becoming more demanding of the performance of the timbers that they are choosing, so quality of material matters more than ever. In turn their Clients are demanding more sophisticated colour palates and grains and this is something that the wider variety of American hardwoods are well positioned to respond to. The use of American red oak at Red Bean Trendy is testament to this continuing shift in preference towards better quality”.

The beneficiaries are of course the end consumers. At Red Bean Trendy, diners enjoy their meal with modern interiors and a local outlook. A touch of New York in Old Hanoi.